What is included in the design-project


Below are the prices for an interior design project. We will create for you the concept of the interior, perform photorealistic three-dimensional visualization so that you can see all the details and make changes before the start of the work. The most important part of the design project are the drawings and plans. These technical documents will allow you to perform the designed interior design as you see it in your dreams. The project includes the following documents:

  1. Measurement drawing, which is performed after measurements at the facility (measurements are carried out by specialists of our company).
  2. The new plan / layout: it includes the explication of the premises with the definition of functional areas, a list of doorways and furniture layout.
  3. Plans for dismantling and installing partitions and other structures.
  4. Ceiling plans with levels, structures, eaves, lamps.
  5. Lighting plans: lamps, switches.
  6. Plans for electrical equipment and electrical networks, electrical outlets and switches.
  7. Floor plans.
  8. Drawings of non-standard, complex elements and multi-level structures.
  9. Plans of sanitary devices with the scheme of sewage and water supply.
  10. Air conditioning scheme.
  11. Wall sweep plan: materials, lighting, niches.
  12. Layout tiles with decorative inserts and borders.
  13. Selection: finishing and construction materials, lighting devices, sanitary equipment, furniture, household appliances.
  14. 3D visualization of premises (1-2 options).
  15. Supervision and control by specialists of our studio of ALL stages of the project: after we complete the full design project, we move on to the next stage and ensure that all our developments for you are implemented exactly as intended.
  16. Purchasing materials through our STUDIO: we guarantee that you will receive the best quality at the best price with all the guarantees of our studio.


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