Luxury Modern Villa




Concha-Zaspa, Kiev, Ukraine



  • YEAR : 2016-2017
  • LOCATION : Concha-Zaspa, Kiev, Ukraine
  • CATEGORY : Villa

The Luxury Modern Villa is a contemporary absolutely new project for a residence built from scratch.

The project was started from zero, and the house was built from starting from the fundaments in a piece of land.

The Villa is located in the outskirts of Kiev, in the heart of peaceful and relaxing Konca Zaspa district, very well-known exclusive green area far from the chaotic Capital city.

The exclusive materials and design solutions, all reflected the very straight request from the Property, that was looking to build a Villa in accordance with the latest European trends related to architectural solutions, design, and selection of specific materials.

Developed in a total area of 620m2 all in one single level, specific request from the Owner, with the SPA and home cinema room at lower level (120 m2) and an additional 70 m2 of external covered veranda, the villa was surrounded also by 10 hectares of green landscape.

Key elements of the projects were the realization of special suspended ceilings, each one different for each one of the mains rooms. That brought our studio to work with unexpected challenging materials, like suspended back-lit solid wood panels, suspended MDF lacquered panels, up to the use of 3d-shaped gypsum-fiber panels in the Living Room, the pulsating heart of the house.

Also the solutions adopted for the rest of the furniture was the result of a long search of unique and brand-new materials, developed in almost two years of work in strict contact with the Client, that helped us in every single phase.

Special floors made in crocodile-leather tiles were combined with an elegant use of four main marbles in the whole house: straight and clean Nero Marquinia and Bianco Carrara lines for all the main corridor paving and Main Entrance. Emperador Dark floor for the sleeping rooms.

Silver Wave grey marble and white apuano for the walls in the restrooms.

And finally wavy pattern of Nero Marquinia and White Apuano special tiles for the SPA area.

For the walls and soft furniture upholstery, the focus was put on Nabuk leather.

All walls were finished with decorative plaster also reproducing the shape in some rooms of crocodile texture.