Donetsk, Ukraine



  • YEAR : 2006
  • LOCATION : Donetsk, Ukraine
  • CATEGORY : Villa

The Villa Lux project is by far the most important and exclusive project we followed so far in the entire career of our design Studio.

The complexity of the project, the specific client, the area of the house (6.500 m2 plus landascaping) required special and unique efforts by our company.

The project took our company 3 years to finish, but as a final result out studio was proud to be involved as sub-contractor in the building of one of the most beautiful houses ever built in the entire world!

Unfortunately, due to the very strict privacy policy, we are not allowed to show in public any picture of the works made and any photo.

The images here are the hand-made concepts, made at the beginning of the project for each individual room to show the style and the materials, colors and furniture employed.